Pajama Night

    We had a pajama party in the last night.
    The weather was beautiful until 9pm, after we had fried fish on the beach. It stared pouring after several thunders and lightnings. Thunders really scared me. Seriously, I didn't want to be hit by the lightening. However, Melissa, Elsa and Pinar didn't care that much cuz they had no clues about what will happen in the next minute-- you bet, the heavy showers. People who live in upper North U.S., or let's say, Boston, seldom have thunders and lightnings. There's no 熱雷雨(or thunder shower). However,people from the tropical or sub-tropical areas are so familiar with this phenomenon.  We brought the umbrellas with us and still walked to marketplace. We would like to have some drinks such as Bahama Mama or other cocktails. Pinar wanna try coconut drinks. After fooling around for a while, it did start rain like crazy. So we decided to have a pajama party indoors.
    The electricity was shut down for a while. After it came back again, we gathered in our room and talked at random about anything under the sun. We "reviewed" gossips of classmates and exchanged opinions. It really amazed me cuz I never realized some Americans do have some "affairs" behind the scenes.
    I suggested to review the vocabularies and some Greece, Turkish we learned in the trip. Pinar then suggested to exchange "dirty words" among different languages. We did have more fun in learning bad words. Especially, it was really really fun when we realized the hand gesture of American's "I get your nose" equals to Turkish  "fuck u" . It will be the last gesture I would never forget in my life.

Dessert fans

    Girls can always eat desserts no matter what they have for regular meals. it happened to our last night in Bahamas as well.
    After having fatty fried fish and conch,we want to try the traditional Bahams desserts. All of us claimed that we should have to share since we were already too full, thus I got one "mouth watering guava duff" and one "coconut tart". Both desserts were amazing so that we finished both in a few minutes. They were both sugary, however, we all loved them! After a period of silence, I ordered another two for us. It was scary that we still finished them quickly. Girls' power...errrr.......unbelievable!

(To be continued )

Melissa's regular life
Pinar's sun burned

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