Wawa's words

Finally back to Taiwan, ALONE!


But it's all right.I truely understand the reason and the inside story.


I am just back...  ^^



People ask... "How's the trip?"

Truely, it's just okay. Not much special feeling.

Going back to the US is just like going back home, to visit a familiar place and take a rest. Get together with families and attend the commencement is the reason I visited the East Coast again.

Not too much fun and too many explorations.  Because I have responsibilities on hands.

I am not a traveler but more like a resident this time.

However, I feel like the best answer to people would be "great! I love it. I enjoy my trip." That's what people want to hear.


Flying back and forth, and be ALONE is nothing at all to me.

Somehow, I like to be alone.

No more talk and no more connections with others, after too much talk and close relations.


Well, the family trip itself is good and I do enjoy the moments I had.

I just have no clues why it's an awesome trip?


Oh, it's life, but not a trip.


Exquisite life

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