I feel so regratful cuz I always try to be positive and accountable.

I really hate myself always care about others' feeling but never put myself in the first place all the time.

That's my orginal sin. You care too much but look back so less. Thus you get nothing.


Yes, you do get some respects. Then, so what? Nobody cares cuz people consider you deal with your own feelings just so right.


People don't like to be straight-forward but like you to be so "nature". Why?

Why people have a strong heart/healthy mind need to bear so much suffering?




Yeh, that's all my fault.

I share, I express my feeling so truely/directly then I get hurt.

Starting from today, I expect I won't be so considerate, don't care too much, and won't spend time observing people's actions/behaviors/thoughts.

If you like me, tell me. If you don't like me, fine, I will just let you go.


No more gains, no more pains.

No more assumptions, no more hurts.



My blog shouldn't be exist and my attitudes toward people and the world should be change. 


Open-minded and willing to share are no longer good merits in my world at all.


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