Cinderalla is a helpless princess.

One lonely night,while she is depressed and has nothing to do,Cinderalla opens her box.

Suddenly or gradually, she falls into an unknown era,which is much more  ancient than she could image.

Just like a magic, Cinderalla finds some stories, fresh but familiar.
She  is curious and scared.
But she doesn't know how to stop this fantesy trip and come back to  the present time.

Cinderalla can't do anything but starts crying.
Princes who loved or love her are all gone.
She can't differentiate who loves her most truly and deeply.
Meanwhile, she convinces that she had tasted the most precious love and devotion.
Even though many people loved her, they are in another world now.

She blames herself for opening the enchanting box, attractive but harmful.
Cinderala stretchs her arms out and tries to grab somthing.

Nothing happens.

She is wondering how to vanish in the air, and to go back to where she should be.
It's ridiculous that Cinderalla is considering this way.
She is a Realism.

Too bad, she is just begining to thinking like that.

The more you accumulated, the more you bear.
God's grant, her talent, and ruthless sufferings.

Life is short.

Cinderalla still holds all her sweetest memories.
No one can seize her remembrance.
She firmly believes that she is so lucky that she owns lots of things.

Cinderalla wipes and dries her tears.
She is rich.

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Exquisite life

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