Wawa's words
I am sitting in Fulton 150, having my last MP4 class, or my last business class in Boston College.
It's 4/30,2008.53F (about 10C) outside. Not too cold and with little sunshine.
I am sitting in the last role with Min,Meellng and Namho as usual.
There's no lecture today but group presentation for 2 GE cases.
Can't believe that all 8 teams do the same case. Half of us get bored while half of people such as Melissa, Manasvi, Philips, Doug, Jeff Turney, Rebecca and Juan are still paying attention to the presentations.
Seriously, I should focus on my last class, at least show my respect. But I just couldn't. Many  of us  are surfing on the Internet while some are still trying to get the connection.
The Internet connection is pretty pretty bad this semester. Can't believe that BC didn't fix it for months.
Min almost gets crazy cuz she tried to get the Internet access since 1pm.

Can't believe that time went by so quick and I didn't even have time to write down everything I treasured since last semester.

Life here is so good though the weather is not always good. But in 2007-2008 it becomes better. It's not always chilly outside. Though we had lots of snows last Dec. The temperature was much more mild than the previous year. (-25C v.s. -15C)

After moving to Cambridge, I kind of enjoy my driving to BC. I pass by Charles River everyday and I witness the changes in seasons. From colored foliages to white snow, from spring buds to green leaves. I absolutely can feel what's so called four season and be aware of how fast the time goes by.I go traveling a lot especially in March in 2008. Home is a strange definition for me. Where is my home?

I pretty much enjoy spending time with classmates no matter where they come from.
I actually have a lot more parties with friends this semester. In most of the parties, I am the only one who speaks Chinese. However, I truly feel that we are friends and there's no boundaries between us.

Before coming to MP4, Melissa and Manasvi came over to my place and made Indian curry. We will never stop learning how to make food from our friends and treasure these precious experiences in our entire lives.


Exquisite life

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  • Moon, Light & Flowers
  • How many India friends did you have in USA? I was the only person who could speak mandarin in the 3-person-team of DSS class. The other two teammates were two Indians. My female India teammate ever invited we two guys for Chapati packing curry at her home in a snow day. So far I already forget their names. But it's so weird that now I can still remember the male Indian teammate's face clearly. The main reason I guess is that we two guys cooperated with around 80% of team jobs. However, it's still so hard for me to understand at least 13 kinds of English accents from Indians.

    How long did you stay in USA after BC graduation ceremony?
  • I have met many Indians in the States and made three close friends. And I went back to Taiwan directly after graduation.

    wawa 於 2017/10/13 06:22 回覆

  • Moon, Light & Flowers
  • Correction: ... invited "the" two ...