Although I didn't sleep a lot yesterday, I woke up at 9am this morning.

It's a huge improvement since I always wake up at 10ish after coming back from LA. I think I got a sleeping problem recently--could not fall asleep even when I am really tired. Even though I take sleeping pill almost every night and have coffee or vitamin B in the morning, it didn't help. Friends also say "Wawa, you look so tired". So, what's wrong with me? I really don't have no clues.

Perhaps  the desire to have Carrot cake is so strong or perhaps I want to prove that I can wake up by myself without Pinar's morning call, I opened my eyes at 7:58am in the beginning. OMG! It's amazing! Although only after a second, I decided to go to bed again. Still, it's memorable to me.

I didn't arrive too late to Pinar's. Actually I just parked right after Malissa's car. Ha.. Elsa wasn't show up yet! We are early!

Melissa had a sleeping problem too. She is the one who usually has very stfick life discipline--  always goes to bed before 12am and wake up at 6am no matter when does she go to bed last night. Joanna and I tried hard to change her sleeping cycle when we were in Bahamas, but it only gave Melissa more pain. Then I do realize that some people can't revise their life cycle easily like me. So, when I met her on MSN at 1:30am last night, it's really a surprise to me, Tell you what, I even went to bed earlier then she did!  Unfortunately, she still woke up early and went to a run. OMG, poor poor Melissa!

Anyway, Elsa did bring a really nice carrot cake, and it's big too. The cake really saved me from hungry. Pinar nicely cooked Turkish coffee for me although I destroyed the "Turkish coffee form" accidentally...  hhaa... Don't blame on me, I just didn't know why it took such a long time to make a good coffee and why the coffee grounds came up to the surface.

Corey came a bit later. He was not on our original guest list. However, he was soooo lucky to get in cuz he wanted to check Pinar's furnitures! Joanna came in even  later cuz she needed to go to field trip of CIRM class.

We did have fun there but time is not always enough. So I ordered a Curry Pork Katsu Bento(咖哩炸豬排飯) from Fin's and ate at Pinar's. The Bento is so good and I ended up with going to school late again. (Melissa left earlier cuz she had a lunch box in school.)

The boring class is not that boring today and it ended up at 4:15pm. Why it happened? Remember, this weekend class is full of part-time MBAs. They typically need to take a half day off to join the class and some of them don't have patience. Surprisingly, there's a woman who interrupted the class around 3:45 and said: "Professor, just want you let you know that there's a red sox v.s. Yankee's game tonight. You know, many of us are commuters and you know the traffic will be so bad at that time. So, could you finish the class a little bit earlier? I know the game starts at 7, but I really don't want to be caught by traffic."

WOW....Then you know how Bostonians see RED SOX game!!

Professor also surprised me! ":Let's warp up the class a quarter after 4. How about that ?"

Damn!! Firstly,  if you are going to call it a day that early, then i probably can go to see the baseball game in Fenway.
Secondly, if you are going to finish the class that early then you should let us know earlier too. Thus I will have more time to plan my night and get friends ready on-time.
Finally, what a shitty solution? ! Listen, we paid $3300 USD for a class here. How come we finish the class without really learning something valuable??

===To be continued,, I didn't have time to check what I wrote now. Good nite! ====


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