Due to some reasons, I didn't go to Bahamas with my roommate during the spring break. Instead, I went there with 3 classmates + one first year MBA(Joanna).  It was a memorable experience to go traveling with friends with different backgrounds.
(Five of us speak 4 different mother tongues.)

It's Elsa who initiated the plan and Pinar picked up the package. We chosen the Grand Bahamas Island, Freeport, instead of Nassue, the capital of Bahamas. I just followed up and asked Melissa and Joanna to join this small group.

The weather was not as good as we had expected. But Pinar accidentally got tanned.She claimed she never get tanned after 8 years old back in Turkey. However, she could not tell the intensity of sun here due to strong winds here. More correctly, she was burned, not just tanned.

There are lots of interesting things to tell...

1. Pinar's anxiety
Still remembered when the first night Pinar and Elsa arrived, Pinar was so anxious about looking for a GOOD restaurant. They both well-dressed compared to our easy negligence. I guessed Pinar would be the only one who checked the map hardly and tried to make a reservation on gourmet.  Of course, she finally realized that we don't have to be in a rush in this tiny tropical island. She ended up with laughs and mild temper.

2. Zorbas
We stopped by this restaurants at least 5 times in 4 full days. Zorbas offered great Greek food with lots of options. You can get whatever you want without eating the same thing in a week. The environment is nice and most important, all the waitresses love me!! haha....

3. Picking up new words

Only Elsa and Melissa are native Americans, so whenever "international students" got questions, we dared to ask any stupid questions. The first question both Pinar and I asked was "What is grouper?".
"An ugly fish" answered by Melissa.
WHat? Okay.If you know Melissa, then you will understand she is telling you something that's sooo correct. In the following days, I learned lots of strange words such as periwinkle, vulture, conch, mousaka, dolmath and pasticho. The most difficult pronunciation is "hula a loop lozza". It sounds like a joke.....The most interesting words we will never forget are "cleavage, droppy, saggy and perky".

4.Jumping Pictures
I strongly recommended them to jump on the beach. Okay, taking jumping pictures are very common in Asia but not here. We were the only ones who did jump and take photos in Bahamas. All of my friends finally agreed to jump with me and we did have lots of fun. After posting them on to the FB, ppl in BC started to talk to me " Wawa, I saw your jumping pictures. They are good ones. I love it! " Even Melissa was recognized by one of my friends because she took funny pictures with me. :P  HAha.. what an amazing impact!

(To be continued)

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