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結果10:50am賴在床上和Danny講完電話還沒接到morning call,想說該不會是放我鳥還是忘了叫我?

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Pajama Night

    We had a pajama party in the last night.
    The weather was beautiful until 9pm, after we had fried fish on the beach. It stared pouring after several thunders and lightnings. Thunders really scared me. Seriously, I didn't want to be hit by the lightening. However, Melissa, Elsa and Pinar didn't care that much cuz they had no clues about what will happen in the next minute-- you bet, the heavy showers. People who live in upper North U.S., or let's say, Boston, seldom have thunders and lightnings. There's no 熱雷雨(or thunder shower). However,people from the tropical or sub-tropical areas are so familiar with this phenomenon.  We brought the umbrellas with us and still walked to marketplace. We would like to have some drinks such as Bahama Mama or other cocktails. Pinar wanna try coconut drinks. After fooling around for a while, it did start rain like crazy. So we decided to have a pajama party indoors.

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I am sitting in Fulton 150, having my last MP4 class, or my last business class in Boston College.
It's 4/30,2008.53F (about 10C) outside. Not too cold and with little sunshine.
I am sitting in the last role with Min,Meellng and Namho as usual.
There's no lecture today but group presentation for 2 GE cases.
Can't believe that all 8 teams do the same case. Half of us get bored while half of people such as Melissa, Manasvi, Philips, Doug, Jeff Turney, Rebecca and Juan are still paying attention to the presentations.

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