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Due to some reasons, I didn't go to Bahamas with my roommate during the spring break. Instead, I went there with 3 classmates + one first year MBA(Joanna).  It was a memorable experience to go traveling with friends with different backgrounds.
(Five of us speak 4 different mother tongues.)

It's Elsa who initiated the plan and Pinar picked up the package. We chosen the Grand Bahamas Island, Freeport, instead of Nassue, the capital of Bahamas. I just followed up and asked Melissa and Joanna to join this small group.

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4/21是Patriot's Day,是波士頓一年一度馬拉松賽跑的日子,由BAA(Boston Athletic Association)舉辦,從Hopkinton--Ashland--Framingham---Natick--Wellesley---Newton--Brookline--Boston行經主要八個大鎮,終點在Boston Copley Station附近。(全長約26.2miles=38km)


1897-1968之間,Patriot's Day一直是4月19日,此節日似乎只在緬因與麻州等新英格蘭地區被認可,這是為了紀念當年美國獨立戰爭開打,除了碰到週日會將馬拉松順延至週一以外(因週末要上教堂吧!)均在4月19日舉行波士頓馬拉松賽跑。1969年統一規定四月的第三個禮拜一為Patroit's Day。

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Although I didn't sleep a lot yesterday, I woke up at 9am this morning.

It's a huge improvement since I always wake up at 10ish after coming back from LA. I think I got a sleeping problem recently--could not fall asleep even when I am really tired. Even though I take sleeping pill almost every night and have coffee or vitamin B in the morning, it didn't help. Friends also say "Wawa, you look so tired". So, what's wrong with me? I really don't have no clues.

Perhaps  the desire to have Carrot cake is so strong or perhaps I want to prove that I can wake up by myself without Pinar's morning call, I opened my eyes at 7:58am in the beginning. OMG! It's amazing! Although only after a second, I decided to go to bed again. Still, it's memorable to me.

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